JCL was founded on the premise of saving the world one person at a time. Apps that are hopefully never needed but are there to make a difference. Whether it's to keep someone safe or keeping them from dying of boredom. We hope to touch lives so that they can continue to make a difference to those they care about and those that care about them.
While some of our Apps are entertaining, we hope that with some of our Apps, that we can stop or at least alter the direction of someone in harms way. We really appreciate you checking out our website and for any purchases that you might or have made of one
or more of our Apps.
We do ask that if we have made a difference in your life, or altered a course of events, that you would email us and let us know. We have committed ourselves to helping as many people as we possibly can, and by your purchase, you have helped us to help others.....

Thank you